Think Local Act Personal publishes its Progress Report and Work Programme

Care Services Minister Paul Burstow has declared his continued support for the Partnership, and writes in the foreword that it is uniquely placed to lead work across the sector in bringing practical reality to the aspirations for personalised care and support:

"We need to dissolve the traditional boundaries that lie between the third sector, private organisations, local authorities and individuals. And we need to listen in particular to the voices of those using care and support, their carers, their families and their friends. Their views and insight will be vital if we want to get this right now and in the decades to come. Think Local Act Personal embodies this partnership. The White Paper strongly reflects TLAP's vision for maximum choice, control and improved outcomes, which are clearly set out in Making it Real. I commend these markers and hope that all councils and support providers will sign up and us them alongside people using social care."

TLAP co-chairs Bill Davidson of the National Co-production Advisory Group and Sue Bott of Disability Rights UK said that the Partnership's proudest achievement to date is Making it Real - marking progress towards personalised community-based support:

"This is genuine co-production in action. We hope this will generate enthusiasm within councils and providers to check how they are doing with transforming support alongside the people who use it and their families, and then prioritise where they will need to do better."

The TLAP Progress Report sets out:

  • What the Partnership is, does and how it works.
  • Its work to date across six work streams including Making it Real, Co-production, Self-directed Support, Building Community Capacity, Information Advice and Brokerage and the National Market Development Forum.
  • Details of its membership, board and team and an overview of its budget.

In "Our Plans for 2012-13", the work programme sets out how the Partnership will focus on three key themes: tackling the key challenges, checking progress and moving from learning to delivery. All work streams to date will continue.

The Progress Report and Work Programme can be downloaded from the TLAP website here.

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Last Updated : 02 August 2012. Page Author: Laura Bimpson.