Supporting people to set up social care enterprises

Community Catalysts is hosting a series of free events to explore ways in which disabled people's organisations and older people's organisations can work in partnership with other agencies to support their members and other disabled or older people to set up social care enterprises.

The events aim to bring together representatives from disabled and older people's organisations; third sector, business and social-enterprise support agencies and people from local authority economic regeneration units and those with a broader responsibility for enterprise support.

Sessions will take place in:

Middlesbrough: Wednesday 19th September 12.30-4.15
Sheffield: Tuesday 27th November 12.30-4.15
Bristol: Thursday 17th January 2013 12.30-4.15

Everybody has skills, talents and aspirations and older people and people with an illness or disability are no different. Many older and disabled people use social care services and know what good (and bad) care looks like better than anyone else. These events focus on creating the right conditions for older and disabled entrepreneurs to establish their own enterprise offering care or support services to others.

Some enterprises are businesses that make money but many are not. People can find real satisfaction in using their time and talents to create and deliver a service to people in their local community- whether or not it generates an income

Share your experiences and knowledge, hear from inspirational people, establish some networks and start to plan some productive partnerships able to effect real change.

Follow the links to register for any of these events:


All sessions are free.

For more information, please visit Community Catalysts website or get in touch with them on 01423 790126

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