Stay Connected network launched

Stay Connected is a low-cost way for organisations to keep in touch with the latest developments in personalisation.

The network is for:

  • Local authorities (adult social care)
  • NHS organisations
  • Service providers (private and voluntary sector)
  • Charities
  • Community organisations
  • Social enterprises
  • User-led organisations

We currently have more than 300 members ranging from large national charities through to much smaller user-led groups and micro employers.  All organisations that join the network commit to exploring and sharing best practice within the fast-changing world of personalisation.

Benefits to joining the network include:

  • Access to a members only web-based learning network with the tools, guides and examples of best practice that are most relevant to you
  • Regular online 'webinars' with leading people in the personalisation world, plus an active online forum and webchats
  • Discounted rates on our other support programmes/services
  • A monthly e-newsletter
  • A twice-monthly in-depth media analysis of sector news around personalisation
  • Access to advice from In Control by phone and email
  • The opportunity to raise the profile of your organisation and demonstrate good practice through your association with In Control.

We have just announced an exciting line-up of webinars over the next few months which will be available to members of Stay Connected. These short 20-minute online events will keep you updated with the latest developments in the sector as well as providing useful information, advice and tools to ensure the successful implementation of personalisation within your organisation.

Sign up now to make sure you benefit from these sessions.

Forthcoming webinars include:

  • 24 November at 10am - Moving forward with personalisation: Martin Routledge, head of operations for In Control and programme manager for Think Local, Act Personal
  • 1 December at 2pm - Community Fund Holding - How local authorities can invest in the communities they serve, John Waters, In Control
  • 8 December  at 2pm- Introducing Progress for Providers, for managers - how organisations can move forward in personalising their services, Michelle Livesey, Helen Sanderson Associates
  • 17 January at 10am - Personalisation: Back to Basics - helping you to understand what personalisation really means, Caroline Tomlinson, In Control
  • 19 January 10am - Checking the results of personal budgets - how well are they working in your organisation? John Waters, In Control
  • 26 January at 2pm - Personal health budgets - where are we at and where are we going? Vidhya Alakeson

Invitations will be issued to members of Stay Connected shortly with more information about the events and how to participate.

Annual subscription rates for Stay Connected vary depending on your organisation:

  • £750 for local authorities, NHS organisations and other statutory organisations
  • £500 for providers of services for more than 300 people and national charities
  • £250 for providers of services for between 50 and 300 people
  • £100 for providers of services to less than 50 people
  • £50 for user-led organisations, community groups and local charities

All costs exclude VAT.


For further information, please contact Clare Roberts or the In Control Support Centre on 01564 821 650.

4 comments for “Stay Connected network launched”

  1. Gravatar of Mike GregoryMike Gregory
    posted 11 November 2011 at 13:16:40

    I am seeking to establish a local service for adults with Aspergers Syndrome

    Am I able to join without having to pay a fee at this stage

  2. Gravatar of Clare RobertsClare Roberts
    posted 11 November 2011 at 14:22:56

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for your message I will contact you at your email address to discuss.
    Kind Regards Clare

  3. Gravatar of Julia Wade Julia Wade
    posted 22 November 2011 at 12:36:10

    As members of In Control, do we have to pay an additional charge to join the stay connected network

  4. Gravatar of LauraLaura
    posted 24 November 2011 at 12:39:44

    Hi Julia, no if you're a member of our Adult Social Care program then you automatically get membership to Stay Connected.

    Many thanks


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