Skills for Care launch website to help personal assistants gain the right skills

Skills for Care have launched an interactive guide designed to help individual employers support their personal assistants to gain the skills they need for their role.

Whether you are thinking about employing a personal assistant or have a personal assistant already and would like to know how to help them develop their skills, this new website has a range of tools to support you in your journey.

The website explains key information such as why you should think about employing a personal assistant, what are the different aspects you need to be aware of when employing a personal assistant, useful information designed to answer your questions about learning new skills and supporting your personal assistant to gain new skills and where to find education providers, as well as learning topics that may be beneficial to your own development as an employer.

The interactive guide on the website is very easy to use - and follows a step by step process for helping you to find out the information you are looking for. It also includes a section 'Getting Started' which helps guide employers through the basics - such as what happens when recruiting, what are the benefits of learning and development, what happens when I introduce my personal assistant to the working environment, an outline of the first few days, and what an induction is, and why you should think of including this as part of your employment process.

The interactive guide has been designed to be beneficial to individuals in receipt of a direct payment (self-directed support), those funding their own care or thinking about employing a personal assistant, or is someone who is perhaps employing a personal assistant on behalf of someone who needs support and assistance.

To access this new interactive guide, click here.

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Last Updated : 28 January 2014. Page Author: marijke.hirst.