Response to care and support bill

A partnership of organisations, including In Control, has produced a pre-legislative scrutiny briefing on the Care & Support Bill for colleagues in the Adult Social Care sector.

July's White Paper sets out a vision for social care moving away from being a crisis-only service, towards forming a preventative system which helps people to maintain well-being through supporting more inclusive and effective communities, with less reliance on service-solutions. The draft Bill has many strengths but does not entirely reflect this radical vision, setting out instead a framework for care and crisis management which we believe will replicate the current system's tendency to shift resources away from prevention and into increasingly rationed and stigmatising crisis responses.

The partners involved are In Control, Community Catalysts, Inclusion North, Inclusive Neighbourhoods, Partners in Policymaking, Shared Lives Plus, Martin Farran (Director Adult Services for Barnsley and Chair of the Yorkshire/ Humberside Personalisation Network for the Association of Directors of Adult Services).

Last Updated : 16 January 2013. Page Author: Donna Godding.