Raising Expectations 4-5th March

Raising Expectations, In Control's 22nd residential event for the Children's Programme, will take place from the 3rd to 4th March in Leeds.

The event has been titled 'Raising Expectations' as a reminder that this is the very reason that most people choose to work in children's services - to support families in the best way they can and to help them see what is possible and what 'good looks like'.

This two-day residential, will look at the challenge of how to ensure that this approach and ethos is embedded into everyone's day-to-day work and to scale this up from a few small scale pilots.

Speakers include Sherann Hillman from the National network of Parent carer Forums and Miro Griffiths a member of the EPIC group and adviser to the national Think Local Act Personal partnership.

Sessions will also include:

  • Our journey - Nottinghamshire SEND Pathfinder, Glyn Connolly and parent
  • Personal budgets and the Local Offer, - The local offer and health provision, Chris Easton, NHS England
  • Personal Budgets and the Local offer - discussion and exercise, Nic Crosby
  • As a young person I…… Miro Griffiths, member of EPIC and working with Think Local Act Personal shares his views of those of friends about all these changes
  • Good Planning - Nic Gitsham (NDTi and Preparing for Adulthood)
  • POET - Early findings….what next? Claire Lazarus and John Waters, In Control
  • 'Before we get down to practicalities…..' The risks of such huge change - Nic Crosby, In Control
  • A simple approach - child and family centred - Nic Crosby
  • What our experience tells us about implementation - Meera Craston SQW
  • The Worcestershire Family Intervention Project - reporting on progress, Rachel Salter, WFIP
  • Personal Budgets…….September 2014…September 2017, Andrew Baxter. DfE

In addition to these presentations there will also be a number of interactive workshops including:

  • Sharing learning from work across a number of children's services, clinical commissioning groups and families
  • Learning from work on developing an offer of Personal health Budgets for April 2014
  • A workshop for parents and family members
  • Planning action  setting out key areas for work and supporting people in developing a local approach to this as part of their work on implementing personal budgets
  • Assessment and allocation
  • Commissioning support for families - information, planning and managing personal budgets
  • Developing a workforce focused on outcomes and person centred working
  • Setting up a family led organisation…well learned lessons

There are still a couple of places available for this event, to find out more, please email

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