Planning and Creating Together

This two-day course will give family members an understanding of self-directed support and personal budgets and will help them to plan a better future for their family.

The course will:

  • help parents and relatives of disabled children under 18 to understand self-directed support and personal budgets
  • ensure that the voices of children and families are at the centre of decisions being taken about their future
  • support families to learn new skills and ways of planning for the future
  • encourage peer support between families


In the government's Green Paper 'Support and Aspiration; a new approach to SEN and disability' there is a clear commitment to extend the use of personal budgets and 30 children's services will become pathfinders for this work from autumn. Much of this work is based on the original government-funded individual budget pilot sites and on In Control's own developmental work.

In Control has been supporting children's services over the past five years to introduce personal budgets and self-directed support. The key to this success has been working directly with families and sharing and developing skills in support planning and budget management.

This course will support families who are looking to take up a personal budget and will allow them to explore what's involved. The course will also ensure that the commissioning children's service will be able to draw on a well informed and skilled group of family members as they introduce personal budgets for more children and families.

Course content

Over the two days the course will cover:

  • why things are the way they are
  • what personal budgets and self-directed support is
  • how to make the most of existing skills, knowledge and capacity
  • what the opportunities and challenges are
  • how to make a good plan - managing the support plan and budget
  • visions for the future

There will be a maximum of 25 participants who will be parents and relatives of disabled children under 18. A strong values base of inclusion and equality will underpin the programme.

Course delivery

The course will be led by the most respected family leadership facilitator in the country, Lynne Elwell and she will be supported by other experienced and skilled family members. We will also endeavour to include local contacts to ensure that we start to build an active and vibrant network of family members and leaders.

The two-day programme costs £1500. Please note this excludes venue hire, travel expenses and VAT.

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