Personal health budgets progress update

Work to introduce personal health budgets ahead of legislation coming in April 2014 enabling people with continuing healthcare the "right to ask" for a personal health budget is gathering pace. And from October 2014, this legislation will be extended to give people the "right to have" a personal health budget.

Despite the increase in impetus, there is still much work to be done to make sure that personal health budgets are available by the deadline according to a recent report from NHS England.

The national progress report update shows that 180 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) have joined the NHS England support programme which aims to help them meet these deadlines. Some CCGs report being in a good position to have personal health budgets in place and a small number of CCGs already have more than 50 personal health budgets. However others are at a very early stage and may struggle to achieve the deadline. In most areas, few or no people are being offered a personal health budget.

A copy of the report can be downloaded below.

In Control support to sites

As part of its health programme and role as a strategic partner to NHS England, In Control is working closely with a number of CCGs to further build on and enhance the national support offered through NHS England and to offer practical support on a local level. This work has included modular training, collaborative workshops, pathway development and acting as 'critical friends'.

Commenting on the work with In Control, Trudy Reynolds, Project Manager for Personal Health Budgets at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust said: "In Control is supporting us to deliver our pathway for children with significant health needs and to create integrated budgets incorporating health, social care and education. This is an innovative piece of work and one that's very challenging so we're pleased to have the expertise and knowledge from the health team at In Control and for them to gently guide us through the process. There's a wealth of very good support available at a national level from NHS England but you can't underestimate the value of having someone there, on the ground to assist on a local and practical level. We're looking forward to seeing the outcomes of our work and hopefully sharing some good practice with other members of the health programme."

Keeping people central to decisions about their healthcare


As part of our bid to ensure that individuals are families are at the centre of personal health budget developments, we ran a 'Partners in Health' course in Hull bringing people and family carers together with professionals and frontline staff to work together to effect positive change in their local area.

You can find out more about In Control's work on our health pages.

Continuing healthcare for children and young people


NHS England has funded In Control to carry out an in-depth programme of work to offer support to CCGs and their local authority partners to help them develop an offer of personal health budgets for children in order to meet the April 2014 deadline.


You can find out more information about this programme of work here.

Checking the results of personal health budgets


Fifteen CCGs have now signed up to use In Control's personal outcomes evaluation tool (POET) to check the impact that personal health budgets are having on people's lives. This is a critical part of the process and enables CCGs to check out what's working and not working in the process and plan for improvements in collaboration with local stakeholders.

Find out how your CCG can use POET.

Want to know more?


Then take part in one of our upcoming webinars. On the 15th January, leading health consultant Vidhya Alakeson will be joining us to outline the '10 features of an effective process' when introducing personal health budgets. On the 17th January we will then be joined by colleagues at Wigan CCG who will outline their work to introduce personal health budgets for children with continuing healthcare needs.

Find out more about these webinars and how to register for a place in our news article here.

Get in touch


If you would like to know more about how work to introduce personal health budgets for adults and children is progressing, then please contact

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    This is an amazing initiative to enable people requiring health care services to be at the centre of their support plan, and have a say in which care, carers or agency they chose, hereby empowering them to receive the best care services in their eyes.

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