Personal assistants account for one-fifth of adult social care jobs

A Skills for Care report has revealed a boom in the number of personal assistants (PAs).

The number of PAs working in England increased by 35% - 92,000 posts - between 2009 and 2010 meaning that they now account for one-fifth of jobs in adult social care.

The total number of all adult social care jobs has risen by 7% to 1.77 million.

Caroline Bernard, policy manager at the National Skills Academy for Social Care, said: "With the drive towards personalisation and more individuals developing their own care packages, we are not surprised to see a growth in the number of personal assistants in social care."

The report estimated that 21,900 organisations were involved in providing or organising adult social care and 48,300 establishments employ care staff.  The data also shows that around 154,000 adults and older people were receiving direct payments in 2010.

The full report is available from the Skills for Care website.

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Last Updated : 02 September 2011. Page Author: Laura Bimpson.