People2People achieving good results with new social work model

A recent study undertaken by personalisation consultancy Helen Sanderson Associates (HSA), shows good results are being achieved through an approach to short-term social work support that gives practitioners much more discretion and focuses on people and their strengths, not 'service users' needs.

The study focuses on the work of People2People, which has responsibility for the short-term assessment and support for the town of Shrewsbury under Shropshire Council.

One of seven social work practice pilots, People2People has been implementing a more personalised approach to reablement/short-term support.

The report shows that by taking off the shackles for practitioners and taking an assets-based approach to practice, better outcomes can be achieved when compared to the bureaucratic model of personalisation employed in many areas.

People2People also advocate involving carers and local people in the running of the service - not just practitioners. The service is run through an advisory group that votes two people onto the governing board of directors. Volunteers and experts by experience also play significant roles in the running of the service, including providing information and advice, answering the phones and gaining feedback on how people have found the People2People service.

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Last Updated : 02 October 2013. Page Author: Laura Bimpson.