Paths to Personalisation

Martin Routledge, In Control's Head of Operations, gave his views on why making personalisation work matters at the Paths to Personalisation in Mental Health event in June.

The National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) and Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) hosted a joint event 'Paths to Personalisation in Mental Health' on 18 June.

The one-day event sought to be a practical event where people could take away ideas and inspiration to make personalisation a reality in their local area.

Martin spoke about why personalisation matters from policy, to people's personal experiences, to the challenges faced by those both delivering and being able to access, personal budgets. He focused on the growing evidence that personal budgets make a profound and positive difference to people's lives, in particular to people who suffer from mental health issues.

While acknowledging that personalisation is much more than just personal budgets, Martin clearly articulated the link between improved outcomes and personal budgets and that the benefits, as evidenced through In Control's second National Personal Budget Survey, are even greater than average for those with mental health issues. He also highlighted how personal budgets have supported recovery and improvement in mental health and the need for making sure personalisation goes beyond policy, becoming an integral part of delivering mental health services.

You can watch Martin's full speech on YouTube

'Paths to Personalisation' is a practical guide, published by NDTi and endorsed by TLAP, to help make personalisation a reality for people with mental health needs. It's aimed at all those involved in mental health, such as people with mental health needs and carers, health and social care commissioners, providers, practitioners, care co-ordinators and staff from all sectors, and was co-produced with people who use mental health services and service professionals, providing examples drawn from latest practice and policy and up-to-date sources of advice for people.

You can read the 'Paths to Personalisation in Mental Health' guide here.

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