Pass it on planning comes to Staffordshire

We will soon be starting 'Pass it on planning' in Staffordshire to enable whole communities to benefit from good person-centred planning.

The course will bring people with support or healthcare needs, family carers and practitioners together to learn how to plan in person-centred ways not only for themselves but for the benefits of others. A key aim of the course is to equip participants with the skills, tools, knowledge and confidence in order to provide peer-to-peer planning with other members of their communities.

In Control's leadership programmes give families and practitioners the latest cutting edge information and build a network of well informed and well connected people who can truly work in partnership with local authorities and other organisations to effect positive change.

Participants on our programmes report that their experience has been "truly life changing" helping them to get employment, gain and use personal budgets in innovative ways, employ their own staff and ensure they are fully included in 'mainstream' society and make a valued contribution.

Our family leadership courses help people to develop ideas, opportunities and tools which leave a lasting legacy.

Pass it on planning is a course consisting of five days which can take place consecutively or over a number of months.

The course will cover:

  • The history of the self-advocacy movement, the changing perceptions and why things are the way they are.
  • Getting the right support, positive inspiration and real life examples from people who have created solutions to get the lives they want.
  • Planning and working in a person centred way, an introduction to practices and techniques.
  • Building circles of support, how to set up solution circles centred around the individual.
  • Live planning, learning in action and an opportunity to practice some of the skills learnt and construct real plans for people.

Course outcomes include:

  • Enabling people to plan better futures by providing participants with the right skills, knowledge and confidence to ensure they have greater choice, flexibility and control over their support, healthcare or wellbeing needs.
  • An investment in peer support by establishing a local network of 'Planning Champions' who will be able to pass on their skills for the benefit of others within their own communities
  • A culture shift by bringing individuals and a variety of practitioners together to work in a positive, co-productive way.
  • Inspired and motivated participants, committed to supporting others to live the lives they choose.

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