New report - Empower and Enable

One of our partner organisations, Groundswell has produced a new report - Empower and Enable.

Great support planning is critical to personalisation. At its best it provides the space, support and encouragement people need to think creatively about how to use all the resources available to them. But this isn't how it works for everybody at the moment. As councils take up the challenge of delivering fully personalised care and support in difficult times, much will depend on how far great support planning can be made universally available.

This short report explores how this can be done and what it will take to make great support planning simple and commonplace, building on the work that Groundswell Partnership led in developing the Think Local, Act Personal guidance 'Rethinking Support Planning' in 2011. The report outlines practical steps providers and councils can take to demystify the planning process and make great support planning achievable and affordable.

Empower and Enable can be downloaded from the Groundswell Partnership website.

In Control is currently working with Groundwell Parrtnership on a number of projects including the delivery of Making it Real in London. For more information about the work we are doing with them, please email

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Last Updated : 25 June 2012. Page Author: Laura Bimpson.