New Progress for Providers resource developed for dementia

In Control is pleased to have worked with colleagues to develop a new  Progress for Providers resource to help achieve greater personalisation for people with dementia living in care homes.

This publication is primarily for managers of care homes supporting people with any type of dementia, at any stage. It may also interest families of people with dementia who may be looking for a care home and wish to know how to assess the homes they are visiting.

The work was sponsored by the North West Transition Alliance as part of their regional personalisation and market development programme and by the Alternative Futures Group. It was developed by Samantha Leonard (Joint Commissioning Manager, Lancashire County Council and NHS Central Lancashire), Nicole Alkemade (Older People's Joint Commissioning Manager, NHS Stockport), Angela Boyle (Assistant Director, Alternative Futures Group), Carey Bamber (Associate, In Control), Trevor Adams (Founder, Passionate Dementia Care), Martin Routledge (Head of Operations, In Control), Gill Bailey (Helen Sanderson Associates) and Helen Sanderson (Director, Helen Sanderson Associates).

Alistair Burns - National Clinical Director for Dementia says of the tool:

"I ..welcome this practical tool sponsored by health and social care leaders in my own region, the North West, to help care homes to self-assess and improve their practice. In particular I am very pleased to see the coming together of the worlds of person-centred dementia care and of personalisation in social care. This combination of progressive, evidence based practice offers a very sound basis for improvement. I will be very interested to hear how the tool is used and the impact that it has as part of ongoing efforts to provide people with dementia with the quality, person-centred and personalised support that they deserve."

Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive of the Alzheimers Society says:

"Person-centred care has never been more important in care and nursing homes for people with dementia. This self-assessment approach builds on person-centred care and extends it to encompass personalisation, where the person has as much choice and control in their life as possible.

It compliments established assessment and evaluation processes like Dementia Care Mapping and offers a very practical way to demonstrate progress against the National Dementia Declaration and the Think Local Act Personal Making it Real personalisation markers."

Barbara Pointon, Former carer, Ambassador for the Alzheimer's Society and Dementia UK, member of the Standing Commission on Carers says:

"I am delighted to commend this excellent self-assessment to both care-home staff and to families. It helps us to gain a mutual understanding of what is meant by truly person-centred support and care, and how we can all take steps to achieve it."

The tool can be downloaded below.

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