New programme: ‘BU BE AMAZING’ launched for young people

In Control is partnering with Mayday Trust and Blackthorn Good Neighbours to create a unique programme for young people, their families and the local community: BU BE AMAZING (BU).

BU aims to create thriving young people who are healthy, motivated and feel that they have a voice in, and can actively work and achieve within, their community.

Initially the programme will be piloted with 100 young people in the Blackthorn area of Northampton and led by Mayday Trust. Young people accessing this service will be on level 2 of the vulnerability matrix used by Northamptonshire County Council.

What will BU help with?

BU will help young people who:

  • May not be achieving at school
  • Have poor attendance/punctuality
  • Experience barriers to education or employment or have learning disabilities
  • May also be experiencing tension in the family
  • Be a recent victim of crime
  • Have a low income or accommodation or transport issues
  • Experience domestic abuse, or be a young person prone to disengagement
  • Have peers involved in anti-social behaviour, low level criminality, risky behaviour, drugs, or alcohol
  • Have low-level mental health problems, low self-esteem, or lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

The programme will follow the US 'Developmental Assets' model for positive youth development which works on the principle that by increasing a young person's 'assets' they are more likely to succeed in life. It is the first programme to combine this approach with personal budgets and also the first time in the UK personal budgets will be used with young people at risk making this a truly unique and innovative programme.

How will BU work?

Young people who meet the criteria for the programme will be referred through Blackthorn Good Neighbours. They will also provide a base for the programme and develop activities, opportunities and services as required.

A trained personal mentor engaged by Mayday Trust will then work with the young person to identify their strengths, aspirations and significant networks, local resources and put together a plan that will aim to build their assets and give them an opportunity to integrate positively within their local community.

Young people, where needed, will also be given a personal budget by their mentor to support them to realise their potential. Young people will thus create their own customer-focused market of services and opportunities.

In Control will be supporting the programme by providing training for staff from the Mayday Trust and Blackthorn Good Neighbours on personal budgets, developing the outcome measurement tools and monitoring and evaluating the programme and promoting the scaling up.

The benefits:

  • The beneifts of this programme are many including being a very cost effective way of ensuring the best support for these young people and preventing them from needing future access to high cost services at a later date.
  • The programme has a clear evidence base to demonstrate that it will support young people to develop and achieve their goals
  • The programme is innovative, since the use of personal budgets with young people at risk has not been piloted elsewhere.
  • Young people will co design the programme which will strengthen the likelihood for success.
  • The programme will utilise all the local resources and integrate the young person and their family into the local community.
  • The partnership between a local community organisation, a regional based charity and a national organisation will add value to the programme and enable the learning to be disseminated widely.
  • Through the use of personal budgets, young people will create a market to meet their needs (e.g. evening appointments or maintaining contact through social media) instead of fitting into existing services.
  • A minimum number of staff will be employed on the programme. Personal mentors will act as brokers ensuring that local resources will be used rather than duplicating or introducing new services.
  • The programme will develop a provider list for 'spot purchase' e.g. family mediation, counselling etc. This means that young people will access the highest quality professional services, tailored to what they need whilst keeping costs low.

In Control and the Mayday Trust will start with developing the evaluation and outcomes tool with a local youth group and early project users in mid September.

The aim is that each young person will see an increase in their number of "assets" resulting in:

  • Engagement in education, employment or training
  • Reduction in offending behaviour
  • Less risk from substance misuse
  • Sustained social network, family support
  • Sustained engagement in programme/community activity

For more information about the programme contact Katie-Lee and the team at:

07964 833237

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  1. Gravatar of Andrea GibsonAndrea Gibson
    posted 07 September 2015 at 15:17:47

    I am a Children and Families Social Worker on secondment looking at how SDS fits into generic children and families work. I read about your project in the Tim Keilty report SDS and Early Interventions and would be grateful if you could provide me with the name and telephone number of a person I could get in touch with.

    Yours sincerely

    Andrea Gibson
    Social Worker (SDS)
    01563 554200

  2. Gravatar of Wendy KellettWendy Kellett
    posted 11 September 2015 at 13:47:30

    Hi Andrea

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us. I will send the contact details you need by email.

    best wishes

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