New partnership with North West Transition Alliance

In Control is delighted to announce it is partnering with the North West Transition Alliance to deliver a significant programme of work in support of Think Local, Act Personal.

The work will focus on driving the personalisation agenda forward and enabling the successful implementation of choice in health and social care, including 100% uptake of personal budgets in social care as well as innovation and efficiency.  A key element will also involve market development - building on existing networks to set out the implications for the transition for the independent and voluntary sector that are working to support independence and choice at home.

Head of operations, Martin Routledge will lead the work which starts now and runs until next summer, alongside Carey Bamber, former Personalisation Programme Manager for the North West Joint Improvement Partnership (JIP).

A session on Department of Health (DH) policy leadership will start off the programme bringing together social care directors and senior commissioners.  Discussions will centre on how to move forward with personal budgets - achieving a strong focus on true control and real outcomes for people - while at the same time reaching policy goals on personal budget targets.  This will then lead on to the re-establishment of key regional support networks for personalisation.

Next month, we will meet with regional provider leaders to explore how best to develop the market place for personalisation in the North West.  This invite-only session will be chaired by David Jones, Deputy Regional Director for Social Care, Local Government and Care Partnerships, DH North West. Contributors to the event also include:

  • Bill Mumford, Chair of the National Provider Development Forum
  • Martin Routledge, Head of Operations for In Control and Programme Manager for Think Local, Act Personal
  • Sian Lockwood, Chief Executive, Community Catalysts
  • Dr Sam Bennett, Think Local, Act Personal

The event report and action plan will be published on the Transition Alliance website in early November.

Commenting on the programme, Martin Routledge, said: "An exciting element of the programme is that it will build bridges beyond adult social care - linking with personalisation initiatives relating to children, health and the Right to Control programme and will look to support and influence wider community-based policy and practice."

For more information about this programme of work, or these events, please contact Carey Bamber at or on 07968 031 085.

The recently formed North West Transition Alliance is working to support regional activity by providing leadership and practical support and facilitating the transition to sector-led improvement arrangements.

For more information on the Transition Alliance, please visit

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Last Updated : 09 September 2011. Page Author: Laura Bimpson.