New paper: Redesigning the front end of social care

'Redesigning the front end of social care' has been published by In Control in partnership with Community Catalysts, Shared Lives Plus and Inclusive Neighbourhoods.

Focusing on what happens when people first encounter social care, the paper looks at people's experiences of assessments, discussions about eligibility and access to services. It explores what these processes do to an individual's independence and to their relationships with their families and communities.

We know that for many people it seems as if the most important question that social care professionals ask is: "Are you in or are you out of our system?

In this paper, we recommend a very different "front door" into the system which includes replacing current community care assessment processes with an assessment or impact model which more robustly assesses risk and triggers access to support planning at an early stage.

The paper can be downloaded below.

Read a blog post on the paper from Julie Stansfield, CEO of In Control.

Alex Fox's blog post can be read here.

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'Redesigning the front end of social care has been published by In Control in partnership with:

  • Shared Lives Plus, formerly NAAPS UK, is a UK network for family-based and small-scale ways of supporting adults. For further information see
  • Community Catalysts works with local authorities, primary care trusts and other organisations to support local people to use their gifts and skills to provide the services that people are looking for. For further information see
  • Inclusive Neighbourhoods values the inherent strengths, capacities and contribution of all people in society and works in partnership with individuals families and local communities to support people to pursue and realise their vision for a good life and to create stronger, more welcoming communities. For further information see

Contributors to the paper include:

  • Julie Stansfield, CEO In Control
  • John Waters, Research and Evaluation Lead, In Control
  • Lynne Elwell, In Control and Partners in Policymaking
  • Alex Fox, CEO Shared Lives Plus
  • Sian Lockwood, CEO Community Catalysts
  • Ralph Broad, Director Inclusive Neighbourhoods

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