New Paper: Introducing personal budgets for children, young people and families

In Control and SQW, at the request of the SEND Pathfinder sites has produced a new report, Support and Aspiration: Introducing Personal Budgets which aims to provide a clear framework upon which to develop local plans and implement personal budgets for children and young people.

The report, written with the support of the Department for Education (DfE) and referenced in its newly published ' Implementing the 0 to 25 special needs system', not only sets out a clear vision for how personal budgets will be delivered and experienced by children, young people and their families, but also provides guidance and examples of how to go about the implementation and delivery of personal budgets at a local community level.

Drawing on the draft Code of Practice for SEN, draft SEN regulations and the experience and expertise of both In Control and SQW, the report takes into account the valuable experience and knowledge of the SEND Pathfinder sites with a flexible framework allowing for local challenges faced in implementation and variation in support already in place.

Key to the report is the exploration of change required in commissioning and transformation to the whole system needed to enable the roll out of personal budgets across SEN, health and social care by September 2014.

Support and Aspiration acknowledges that personal budgets must be considered as a part of a wider whole system change including EHC plans, workforce development, market development and a simplified assessment process and that it is not only the role of those in local authorities, or directly working to implement personal budgets that should be involved, but all those who work in this area including families, carers and the children and young people themselves.

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