New paper coming soon: Personal Health Budgets for Continuing Healthcare

This new paper, written by Vidhya Alakeson for In Control will feature the 10 steps of an effective process for personal health budgets for continuing healthcare.

The report due out shortly is part of a broader programme of support for primary care trust (PCT) clusters in the North West region to prepare for the roll out of personal health budgets in 2014. It draws on the learning of the pilot sites in the region and nationally to outline the 10 features of an effective process. In doing so, it recognises that the current pilot programme has not been driven by a blueprint for how personal health budgets should be implemented and, therefore, there is a significant amount of variation in how the process has been designed and the outcomes that have been achieved for people. In identifying the features of an effective process, the report intends to inform future implementation to ensure that personal health budgets deliver the best possible outcomes for individuals and families.

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Last Updated : 11 July 2012. Page Author: Laura Bimpson.