New events: Integrated Personalised Commissioning -realising person-centred care through volunteering

We are jointly hosting a series of events with CSV to explore how volunteers and volunteer involving organisations can contribute to and help deliver integrated, person centred care, in the context of ambitions of the Integrated Personalised Commissioning programme announced by NHS England in ‎August 2014. They will be of interest to local voluntary sector organisations as well as commissioners and providers in health and social care.

The events will feature input from:

  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • NHS England
  • People who have experience of using Personal Health Budgets

Run in partnership between CSV, ECORYS and In Control and with the support of NHS England, Public Health England and Regional Voices, the learning events will also provide participants with the opportunity to contribute to the development of guidance on how the volunteer involving sector can help ensure that people with health and care needs are able to access and make most effective use of the resources and support (including personal health budgets) to shape the care that is meaningful to them in their lives.

The events are free to attend and you can register via the following links:

London, 28th January 2015

Preston, 3rd February 2015

Leeds, 11th February 2015

If you have any enquires regarding these events, please contact Emily Michelis at CSV,

2 comments for “New events: Integrated Personalised Commissioning -realising person-centred care through volunteering”

  1. Gravatar of mike brennanmike brennan
    posted 19 December 2014 at 15:01:19

    Only received newsletter today, wanted to attend the London even, sold out. Very frustrating, other localities nor accessible.



  2. Gravatar of Andrew TysonAndrew Tyson
    posted 19 December 2014 at 17:21:20

    Hi Mike, we are really sorry that you have missed out on the London event and can't get to any of the others. Please get in contact with me and we'll see if we can sort a place for you.

    Andrew Tyson

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