New blog: Personalisation - give up or move on?

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  1. Gravatar of Chris HattonChris Hatton
    posted 31 January 2014 at 17:32:07

    Thanks for this substantial blog, with much food for thought - a real attempt to 'reboot' personalisation. I have a couple of questions to throw into the pot for the discussion:
    1) Will this need a groundswell of public support and commitment for personalisation to become properly rooted in terms of "it's just the way things are done around here"? How do we get public support for the legitimacy of creative use of personal budgets? Suspect this goes beyond a 'rational' argument about the relative effectiveness and efficiency of these creative uses - we need a narrative that connects with people emotionally and morally too?
    2) The perennial question of power. Been doing a thought experiment - what if people who use services were actually in control of the organisations that are ultimately responsible for support (e.g. Chief Exec of a local authority) rather than co-producing solutions at an individual/group level? What would those organisations look like? My guess is they'd be lean, stripped-down in back office functions and efficient, while putting scarce resources into maximally flexible, unbureaucratic, community-oriented ways of supporting people that would go way beyond 'services', 'providers' and 'workforce'. What about turning co-production on its head - production is for people who use services, and co-production is when they decide to let the professionals into the room? For example, I think Miro would make a superb Chief Exec...

  2. Gravatar of Dessie UmbergerDessie Umberger
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