MPs say independent living for disabled people at risk

MPs and peers have warned today that independent living for disabled people is at risk due to cuts on social care and benefits.



Parliament's joint committee on human rights has said in a report that the cuts are interacting in a "particularly harmful" way and may service users fear they will be forced into residential care as a result.

The committee has called on the government to assess the full impact of increases in eligibility thresholds for social care, the closure of the Independent Living Fund to new claimants, custs to housing benefits and the replacement of the disability living allowance with the new personal independence payment - which will see 500,000 lose out on the benefit.

2 comments for “MPs say independent living for disabled people at risk”

  1. Gravatar of donna mcdowalldonna mcdowall
    posted 02 March 2012 at 08:24:54

    we all have a human right to live are lives with dignity why isit that disabled people need to suffer finacail lose when they have already lost the ability to live as every human being should

  2. Gravatar of Stephen BeeckettStephen Beeckett
    posted 02 March 2012 at 16:24:25

    What did George Osbourne say about the biggest shoulders bearing the heaviest weigth.Suppose it sounded good at the time,but as is usually the case it was a lie.Its those who cannot even walk let alone carry any weight that will pay for the able bodied bankers greed.I am aware that capatilist system can be rather unfair at times but this is delving it to a new low.

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