More Partners about to graduate

In March we are set to see a whole new group of Partners graduate from Partners in Policymaking leadership programmes running in Staffordshire and in Cornwall and Exeter.

The courses have aimed to give people the knowledge, skills, confidence and self-esteem to ensure a better future for themselves and their loved ones, both courses also aimed to provide families with the chance to meet other people who are leaders in the disablity rights movement and be connected with a strong network of families working together across the country.

Participants in both courses have already been very active and one Dad from Staffordshire has even been inspired to run his own local conference with another Dad for 160 family members and frontline professionals on the 14th May. The conference will be run by D.A.D.S which stands for Dads and Disabilities Support. The event will be free thanks to funding secured by Craegmoor Service Providers and aims to build awareness and make a difference for families who have children with disabilities and challenging behaviours. To find out more about D.A.D.S please see their website.

You can find out more about our suite of Partners in Policymaking courses on our web page here.

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Last Updated : 27 February 2014. Page Author: Laura Bimpson.