Martin Routledge puts the personal into integration at Better Care conference

In Control's Martin Routledge spoke at the 'Leading Better Care for all in the North West Conference', opened by the Minister for State Care and Support, Norman Lamb MP, about putting the personal into integration.

Last week in Manchester, the Better Care conference saw delegates from all over the region and the country come together to discuss the issues we face in providing better care for all in need at a time when the pressure on services and budgets is ever increasing.

Martin Routledge joined the debate talking about how it's essential that organisations providing services don't just focus on the structural and service level integration, but recognise the value and need for integration at a personal and individual level.

This 'personal' integration shifts the focus from 'service' controlled care, to person-centric care that sees a high level of control given to individuals leading to more positive outcomes both for the services involved as well as the service users and their families.

Coproduction - bringing together and integrating individuals and services and developing care plans together - is in Martin's words a 'win, win'.

And the evidence backs up its value: personal health budgets lead to better well-being outcomes for people with long term conditions, reduced use of hospitals, and more cost effective services for people with high needs. The best results are when people know what budget they have upfront, have the right advice and support and have real choice over how and on what they spend their budget.

To make this work, Martin proposed several key steps in supporting effective coproduction and delivery of personal health budgets:

  • Drive co-production into all areas of commissioning and delivery of key local services
  • Measure the things that are important to users of key public services and use the results to drive local developments
  • Lever and incentivise new or currently marginal forms of care and support
  • Drive integrated personal budgets with a strong focus on those areas which would be of major benefit for people using them while helping to address significant system financial challenges or "wicked issues
  • Lever and support the re-targeted use of professional skills and capacity

Other speakers on the day included Margaret Carney, Chief Executive of Sefton Council & NW Lead Health Transition Task Group, Amanda Lonsdale, Head of Partnerships, NHS West Cheshire, Steven Pleasant, Chief Executive, Tameside Council, Anthony Kealy, Head of Partnerships, NHS England, Helen Bevan, Chief of Transformation, NHS Improving Quality and Gavin Croft and Karen Saville, Citizen Representatives, In Control who gave a real life perspective on joined up care and its value to service users.

You can download both Martin's and Gavin and Karen's presentations below as well as view the agenda from the day.

You can also read our paper, Personal Health budget for Continuing Healthcare.

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