Making it Real webinar 26 June

This 45-minute session will be presented by Shahana Ramsden and Martin Routledge from Think Local, Act Personal. It will provide further information on what Making it Real means in practice for your organisation and how you can use the markers of progress.

Making it Real sets out what people who use services and carers expect to see and experience if support services are truly personalised. It is a set of "progress markers" - written by real people and families - that can help an organisation to check how they going towards transforming adult social care. The aim of Making it Real is for people to have more choice and control so they can live full and independent lives.
Organisations that want to make a real difference to disabled and older people's lives can sign up to publicly demonstrate their commitment. Making it Real will also help people and families to remind those organisations about the need to 'make things real' and feedback directly to them if their publicly stated priorities for change are not met.

Becoming a Making it Real organisation will show that you are using the markers of progress in your organisation's yearly action planning to identify your top three priorities for change within the next 12 months.

Read Martin Routledge's blog post on Making it Real here.

Find out more by joining in our live webinar on 26 June.

How to take part

Taking part in our webinars, is easy, all you need is a computer with internet connection. For further information on how to take part in our webinars please click here.

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