Let’s make our New Year Resolution be to feel good and be ‘in control’

After our Christmas campaign, #BeInControlXmas it would be easy to stop and simply reflect on the great stories that were shared.

But instead we want everyone to continue to help us raise awareness of the value of personal budgets and keep the personalisation agenda high in people's minds.

We had a great response for our Christmas campaign with some very inspirational stories. You can read about how our campaign went here.

And this is why our New Year Resolution is to publish and promote good news more often to keep the feel good factor going.

We want to showcase how being in control - individuals having control over their own care plan and services through a personal budget - helps people feel good.

After all, there is so much we can and should celebrate to help us remember why we do the work we do. We want to encourage as many people as possible to share their good news stories and help us not only showcase the amazing work we all do to help those in need, but help everyone, everywhere gain a better understanding of why personal budgets and personalisation is so important.

It's our #FeelGoodInControl campaign.

To get involved all you need to do is email us your good news stories, or promote them and other good news events through your social media networks using the hashtag #FeelGoodInControl.

We will do the same and with everyone getting involved, we should discover a lot to make us all feel good about how we help people be in control.

To contribute use the hashtags #FeelGoodInControl when you promote your stories or email your stories to Laura Bimpson via

Remember the more we share how personalisation helps people to be more 'in control' and 'feel good' the more awareness there will be of the value and need to ensure that everyone has access to a personal budget to help them live the lives they choose.

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