Latest webinar dates

Information on the latest webinars available.

We will be hosting regular events on key topics in relation to personalisation, meaning that you will be able to get access to cutting edge information from the sector all without having to leave the comfort of your office.

This new service will enable delegates to save the time and expense of travelling to an event. They will be able to participate in short, focused online sessions involving leading people in the personalisation field. Delegates will even have the opportunity to ask questions afterwards!

A number of dates have already been secured for the next few months. Some of these will be open access, however a number (those marked with *) will only be available to members of our Stay Connected network.

Forthcoming webinars include:

Managing Change Through Innovation (MCTI)*

9 May 2pm to 2.45pm

Julie Stansfield, CEO In Control

Organisations are facing extremely challenging times with significant changes in the sector and tough financial constraints. In this session, we will explore how organisations can successfully manage change through innovation.

The session will cover:

  • Why things need to change
  • Drivers of change
  • What is the problem? - Thinking about innovations or change as solutions to a problem
  • Nature of change
  • Ideas and approaches to help manage change

People Power Surgery

10 May 6pm to 7pm

Julie Stansfield, and Caroline Tomlinson

This question and answer session will be an opportunity for individuals, family members, carers and others to put their queries about personal budgets and self-directed support to In Control. It may be that you're unsure of whether you're entitled to a personal budget, how they work, how you go about planning your support or what happens if your council won't let you use the money in the way you want to. Whatever your question, you will be able to get some information and advice from In Control on what to do in your situation.

Investing in Family Leadership*

17 May 10am to 10.45

Julie Stansfield, In Control

In this session we will demonstrate the importance of investing in family leadership through courses such as Partners in Policymaking. Partners in Policymaking enables participants to have the skills and confidence to become part of a strong local, regional and national network working together to champion positive change.

How to register

Webinar places are limited and are available on a first-come-first-served basis only. Invitations will be issued nearer the time but to secure your online seat register your interest now by contacting with details of the webinar you want to take part in.

*These sessions are available to members of Stay Connected only, access may be available as part of a trial of the network, contact us for further information.

Content and timings may be subject to change.

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