Investing in Family Leadership webinar 17 May

The 'Investing in Family Leadership' webinar will take place on Thursday 17 May at 10am.

The webinar will be presented by Julie Stansfield, our chief executive and it will highlight the difference that leadership courses such as Partners in Policymaking can make to people's lives and their communities.

A webinar is an online presentation with the opportunity to ask questions afterwards. Taking part in our webinars is easy, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. More detail on how to take part can be found on these pages.

Partners in Policymaking' is an extensive range of innovative training and support programmes.

Partners in Policymaking leadership courses have been running successfully in the UK since 1996. They're designed to respond to the needs of families, carers and individuals.

Historically, families and individuals have not been included in training or in the design and implementation of policy - they know what is working and not working and most often have the solutions. These courses give families the strategies and skills to work in partnership with authorities locally, regionally and nationally.

Collectively and individually, Partners 'Graduates' inspire change for inclusion for people who need support and those that love and care for them.

The benefits

In Control's leadership programmes give families and professionals the latest cutting edge information and build a network of well informed and well connected people who can truly work in partnership with local authorities to effect positive change.

Graduates of the programmes report that the experience is "truly life changing", helping them to get employment, gain and use personal budgets in innovative ways, employ their own staff and integrate their children in mainstream schools.
These programmes help people develop ideas, opportunities and tools which engage and excite local people and local authorities, and leave a lasting legacy.

Commenting on Partners in Policymaking, a course participant said:

"Partners in Policymaking gives me a sense of purpose, a reason. It sets my values straight and gives me value. It gives me an opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, stories, hopes, dreams and fears in a place of mutual support and understanding. It is a safe place to release and come to terms with emotions. It nurtures, gives confidence, empowerment, vision and skill. For me it is a journey if discovery and delight as I seek and gain knowledge from people who have travelled or still travel on my road. I am both proud and humbled by the whole experience. I truly feel that Partners in Policymaking is the greatest investment I can make towards achieving a positive future for my daughter, myself and hopefully many others."

Margaret Upham

Commenting on Partners in Policymaking, a commissioner said:

"If services really are to change in ways that mean they reflect the genuine wishes and aspirations of people with disabilities and their families, then it is crucial that those people are enabled to become full and active partners in policymaking, planning and development processes. Programmes such as Partners in Policymaking are important and creative ways of helping this to happen. As I hear of innovative and creative service change across the country, I am struck by how often this is associated with the presence of someone who is a Partners in Policymaking graduate. We need more of them."

Alan Colhoun, previously project manager for community and personalisation for Croydon Council

Further testimonials can be viewed on this page.

To take part in this webinar, please email Please note that places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you cannot take part in the webinar but would like to know about Partners in Policymaking, please get in touch by emailing or by contacting us on 01564 821 650.

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