Increasing access to personal budgets for people with dementia

In Control is working with the Alzheimer's Society on a pilot project funded by Nottinghamshire County Council to explore and reduce the barriers people with dementia face in the take up of personal budgets.

One of the main barriers is the lack of tailored and accessible information for those with dementia explaining what personal budgets are, how they work and how to access them.

In Control was asked to support the Alzheimer's Society to carry out an audit of the information available to people with dementia relating to personalisation and personal budgets.

This audit is just one step in the pilot project with the aim being an improved process in the delivery of personal budgets - in particular direct payments - and the development of a range of materials specifically for those with dementia to better support them make decisions about their own care.

In Control used our expertise in production of engaging information about personal budgets to review a vast range of materials from councils, local and national organisations and charities across the UK. The Alzheimer's Society are also reviewing these materials with people with dementia and their carers as part of a series of focus groups.

The results so far have been very enlightening and will be made available shortly as part of a joint report with the Alzheimer's Society.

The final list of recommendations will be put forward to Nottinghamshire County Council for consideration and development into a range of materials that will not only provide ease of access to those with dementia, but provide a range of best practice materials other councils can use to ensure they too increase access to personal budgets for all.

In Control has also been involved in the wider discussion around dementia and personalisation as part of the Westminster Health Forum Keynote Seminar held on 26th November. Martin Routledge, our head of operations, spoke as part of a panel discussing 'Personalisation, providing dementia friendly services and meeting the costs of care'. To read more and to download a copy of Martin's presentation visit: /news/in-control-news/martin-routledge-speaks-at-westminster-health-forum.aspx

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