In Control supports Eastern region

Following on from the success of regional work in Yorkshire and Humberside, the North West and London, In Control has recently been asked by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Care (ADASS) Eastern Region to deliver a programme of work in support of Think Local Act Personal (TLAP).

Over the past year, In Control has successfully initiated and facilitated programmes in support of the TLAP agenda in several regions across England. In Control has taken on board a significant role in helping partners at a regional level to support local action and drive forward TLAP's vision in particular, the programme of activity under 'Making it Real'.

In the Eastern Region, In Control's activity will be focused on helping councils and provider organisations alongside people using public services to make progress in some key areas including:

  • Building community capacity for the inclusion of older and disabled people
  • Checking the results of personal budgets with local people and improving local delivery
  • Increasing the availability of personalised community based opportunities for people with complex support needs
  • Integrating care and support through personal budgets
  • Personalised approaches to safeguarding
  • Supporting use of Making it Real

There are many advantages of this type of programme, but in particular in a time of tight budget constraints, this programme of work supports regional organisations to pull together and combine limited resources enabling a more significant programme of work. For example, In Control has secured funding for regions from ADASS/councils, health agencies, provider organisations and grants. By providing a platform we have enabled bids for resources and encouraged a great deal of in-kind activity such as provision of venues and donation of skills and time.

In addition, this programme of work helps to build ownership at a regional level, replicating the national TLAP partnership and supporting the relationships needed to enable development. This includes clear links to the 'Towards Excellence in Adult Social Care' sector-led improvement activity. It is also a key factor in supporting cross-sector working and partnerships, encouraging collaboration and reduction in duplication. In other regions where In Control has already begun work, these programmes include health (CCGs) and children's services.

To date, programmes in other regions have received significant support from provider organisations that are sponsoring the work taking place and we foresee similar support from Eastern Region organisations as the programme progresses.


Read more about In Control's work as part of the regional TLAP initiatives.

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Last Updated : 25 July 2013. Page Author: Laura Bimpson.