In Control supports councils with Making it Real ‘Live’

In Control will be offering councils, through our regional personalisation improvement programmes in the North West and Yorkshire and Humber, support to effectively implement Making it Real on a local level.

Making it Real (MIR) is a framework developed by Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) to help support organisations to measure their progress towards personalisation and plan further developments.

There is very strong national and regional support and recognition for TLAP's MIR and the role it can play in helping organisations transform their support in the direction of personalisation with the Local Government Association (LGA) recently recommending that MIR should strongly inform Local Accounts. The LGA went on to acknowledge MIR can help demonstrate the council is grounded in local co-productive work with people using social care and partners.

Against this backdrop, In Control is working to support organisations to use the TLAP MIR markers of progress towards personalisation and community based support.

This support will include facilitating MIR Live events for each area with the aim of bringing together councils, partner agencies, providers and local people using social care and family carers as well as community user-led groups to:

  • Carry out an initial self-assessment against the markers (or review previous assessment if applicable)
  • Steer the development of Local Accounts and wider inform service planning activities
  • Identify some priorities for further action planning
  • Support the process of engaging with key partners on Making it Real

There will be the flexibility within each session to match each council area's current stage of implementation of MIR and other local phasing issues.

The outcomes from a Making it Real Live session can be used in a range of ways to inform and drive local planning activities. It is possible (and advised) to link to other forms of intelligence and review, including use of the Personal Budgets Outcomes Evaluation Tool (POET) and ASCOF analysis.

In addition to the MIR Live events, In Control will also be working with TLAP to deliver regional events to share national and regional learning, best practice and tools in relation to MIR.

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