In Control on Radio 4's It's My Story

4pm Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Elaine Cotterill wil be sharing her story on BBC Radio 4's It's My Story in a programme entitled My Lover, My Carer.

Presenter, Julie Fernandez will talk to four couples about what happens to long-term relationships when a lover becomes a carer?

According to the BBC, the four couples whose lives have been transformed by disability, will talk frankly and movingly about how their relationship has changed and how power has shifted between them. They talk about adjusting to a different life: all the daily stuff - making tea, mowing the grass, cuddles in a wheelchair, what to do about sex. When a lover becomes a carer it can distort intimacy in ways which can be difficult to discuss.

Producers of the half hour programme are Elizabeth Burke and Hilary Dunn.

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