In Control launches project working with ‘Together for Short Lives’

In Control is proud to announce we will be working with Together for Short Lives on a project funded by the Department for Education to provide information about personal budgets to organisations supporting children who need palliative care.

As we move towards the deadline for giving those with continuing health care the right to ask for a personal budget - as well as well as a new per-patient NHS funding system for children's palliative care in England, there is a growing need for information to help those implementing these changes.

In response to this, In Control will be developing a practical resource that will provide this much needed information about personal budgets. This resource will be for voluntary sector providers of children's palliative care to help them work with the children and families who take-up personal budgets when the reforms to Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) come into force.

This follows on from our recent work with SQW to provide a clear framework to develop local plans and implement personal budgets for children and young people. Read more about the paper produced, 'Support and Aspiration: Introducing Personal Budgets' via our news section.

The work, to be completed by April 2014, will be in the form of three electronic briefings that will be downloadable and be accompanied by case studies and examples. Designed as stand alone learning opportunities, the briefings will cover what personal budgets are and how they work; what this means for families, children and young people, and what it also means for providers of support to children with life-limiting and/or complex health needs.

For more information on this work, contact Nic Crosby via

Together for Short Lives is the leading UK charity for all children with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions and all those who support, love and care for them. They support families, professionals and services, including children's hospices. Their work helps to ensure that children can get the best possible care, wherever and whenever they need it. They help these families to access the information they need to gain the right support and care. They also work with organisations and professionals as well as raising funds for charities and other voluntary organisations. You can read more about Together for Short Lives by visiting their website. You can also find out more about their project to make sure that children who need palliative care have more integrated services as a result of the SEND reforms at:

To read more about our work in health, visit our Health Programme pages.

To read more about our work with children and young people, visit our Children and Young People programme pages. In addition to this work, we have published several papers regarding supporting implementation of personal budgets as well as looking at simplifying and improving the effectiveness of working with the system. You can read these here.

More support available from In Control…

We are working with a number of organisations to produce relevant materials in relation to personal budgets and welcome requests for support. If you would like to discuss how we might be able to help your organisation, please email

We have also recently held two webinars focused on supporting the implementation of personal budgets for children and young people. You can watch and download the presentations using the links below:

Implementing personal health budgets for children: Presentation by Julie Stansfield and Sue Bottomley from In Control together with Michael Chew from Wigan Council. This webinar provides an overview as well as practical steps on how to implement personal health budgets.

Personal health budgets - Top 10 tips for effective implementation: Presented by Vidhya Alakeson. This webinar provides an overview of the process of implementation as well as Vidhya's top tips for how to successfully implement personal budgets in your organisation.

A further webinar ' Implementing personal budgets for children, young people and families' with Nic Crosby and Meera Craston from SQW was held on 13th February at 10am. The session focused on how personal budgets can be effectively implemented for children, young people and families.

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