Homelessness project wins award

A project that In Control helped initiate has won the prestigious Andy Ludlow Homelessness Award.

The City of London project was run with Broadway and it demonstrated a new way of working to get the most entrenched rough sleepers off the streets by providing personalised budgets and intensive support to each individual.

All those involved in the project had been sleeping rough for between four and 45 years and had been very reluctant to take up offers of hostel places or detox programmes. Staff worked with each person to develop a personalised budget and an action plan to help them move away from sleeping rough at their own pace.

As winners of the award they will receive £25,00 prize money.

The Andy Ludlow Homelessness Awards are the country's leading homelessness awards. The awards recgonise and highlight innovative practice in the homelessness sector in London.

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Last Updated : 21 October 2011. Page Author: Laura Bimpson.