Help people to challenge dehumanising services

In an article in today's Guardian (29 April) Ivan Lewis MP talks about helping people to challenge 'dehumanising' public services.

The piece pre-empts a speech that Ivan Lewis will give later at In Control's celebratory dinner. The dinner will bring together people who have played an instrumental part in inclusion and independent living over past 10 years and takes place ahead of our Making the Futue - Together event in Manchester tomorrow.

Ivan Lewis will say "People....are often disadvantaged through income inequality but they are also victims of another inequality - the power inequality which too often exists between the state and the citizen." And "As Ed Milliband has made clear tis s a time for big chnge and not tinkering at the edges."

Ivan Lewis is MP for Bury south and shadow Northern Ireland secretary. He championed personal budgets in office as care services minister.

You can read the article in full on the Guardian Society website

Making the Future - Together takes place in Manchester on Wednesday 30th April. It gathers more than 200 people from across the sector to debate and plan action for a future of inclusion and independent living. To find out more, visit our event page.

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Last Updated : 29 April 2014. Page Author: Laura Bimpson.