Good news stories from Partners

Partners in Policymaking graduates have created a short film highlighting their good news stories since taking part in the course. It's really inspiring stuff!


It was an impromptu gesture after attending a get-together earlier this month to discuss how best to take the 'People Power' network forward.

Some short clips have also been produced with Merseyside Partners demonstrating the difference that it has made to their lives. To view these, click here.

To find our more about Partners in Policymaking view our webpages or contact Lynne Elwell at

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  1. Gravatar of PaulinePauline
    posted 08 February 2012 at 20:58:20

    I did Partners in 1996 and we're still using the skills, knowledge and support all these years on!!Not just for our family but for friends and people I've never even met.
    It's a fantastic course and if you get the opportunity to do it, then don't hesitate.

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