Getting started and moving forward with Making it Real

In Control as a founding partner of TLAP has considerable experience of helping councils to adopt and use Making it Real. We are able to offer a facilitated day to help councils introduce and move forward with Making it Real.

Minister for Care and Support Norman Lamb has recently written to all Directors of Adult Social Services to ask that all councils use Think Local Act Personal's (TLAP) Making it Real markers of progress as a framework to implement and review progress with personalisation. ADASS has also committed to Making it Real and incorporated use of the markers in its latest personalisation survey to check that councils have signed up and have developed and published their action plans.

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Getting started and moving forward with Making it Real

Making it Real Live is a full 'action planning' day facilitated by In Control bringing together approximately 40 local stakeholders including council representatives, local providers, people using social care and family carers, as well as community user-led groups and partner agencies.

"Halton Council recently held a Making It real event to chart our progress towards personalised community based support and the event was fantastic. Given their vast experience in this area now, In Control was so well organised and provided some excellent advice and encouragement in many areas. The event included a mix of people who use services, carers, the voluntary and independent sector, NHS and front line staff - they came away enthused and I felt there was a real collective ownership across the event. We are now ready to make further progress to deliver on the outcomes and would really recommend that councils and partners think about organising similar events."

Dwayne Johnson, DASS, Halton Borough Council

During the course of the day, participants will:

  • Carry out an initial self-assessment against the markers (or review previous assessment if applicable). This can include reviewing other locally held data such as results from POET surveys
  • Start the process of engaging with key partners on Making it Real• Identify some priorities for further action planning
  • Gather intelligence and perspectives to steer the development of Local Accounts and inform wider service planning activities

This is a real opportunity for councils to take ownership and responsibility for personalisation and to be accountable to their local communities. The products from a Making it Real 'Live' session can be used in a range of ways to inform and drive local planning activities. It is possible (and advised) to also link to other forms of intelligence and review, including use of POET and ASCOF analysis.


£1,300 excluding VAT and venue/materials costs. This covers planning with local representatives and facilitation of the day.

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