Farewell to John Waters

Its hard to express the contribution John Waters has made to In Control and to the causes of inclusion and independent living over the 15 years of his time with In Control. As he moves back into working directly to support people at a local level we want to offer our heartfelt thanks.

John Waters

John's contribution to the development, evaluation and progress of self-directed support has been quieter and more behind the scenes than some, but it has been critical. Reflecting his personal values and social work experience John has devoted his considerable brain power and personal commitment and energy into some of the key practical approaches necessary to make self-directed support work in practice for people. Linked to this he was the prime mover behind POET (Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool) and its use throughout the country. This is still the only significantly used approach to finding out, from people using personal budgets or other elements of policy aimed at helping people take control of their support, what is working and not working. This is vital to make self-direction real.

In recent years John's work has also underpinned the efforts of the Independent Living Strategy Group to defend and extend people's rights to control their own lives.

We thank John and know that he will take all this experience into working effectively in his local social care system to help people take charge of their support. We know that he will be delighted that as he leaves we are joined by his long time collaborator Chris Hatton.

Last Updated : 19 September 2019. Page Author: Gaynor Cockayne.