Eight councils join In Control on RAS Challenge

Eight councils from In Control's regional personalisation programmes have joined the first phase of its resource allocation system (RAS) Challenge.

The councils from the North West, Eastern and East Midlands regions will be involved in an in-depth piece of work aiming to work with a small number of councils that are committed to radically simplifying the RAS.

With the National Personal Budget survey showing that people whose assessment was easy were more than twice as likely to report good life outcomes from having a personal budget, it is even more essential that a simple, transparent and cost effective RAS is developed. Yet this remains a one of the hardest challenges councils are facing in personalisation.

The RAS Challenge has been launched to address this and support councils in developing a new RAS to help ensure the success of personalisation.

Participating councils have confirmed their commitment to the values of self-directed support in order to be able to help develop new RAS approaches that incorporate the following principles:

  • Transparency: The RAS methodology must be in the public domain at a community level.
  • Simplicity: The process must be simple and the individual and their family must know how the decision was reached for them.
  • Sufficiency: The council must publish clearly the outcomes they will enable people to achieve and the support put in place must be enough to reasonably achieve these.
  • Control: The person must know the amount of money in their budget as early as possible in the process and be able to use the budget in ways and at times of their choosing to achieve agreed outcomes.

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Last Updated : 26 February 2014. Page Author: Laura Bimpson.