Continuing to support the delivery of personal health budgets

In Control looks forward to continuing its strategic relationship with the Department of Health supporting the potential full roll out of personal health budgets.

Work is expected to include:

Peer support network

Continuing to lead the peer support network that advises policy in implementation and raises awareness of personal health budgets.

Development of a health POET (personal outcomes evaluation tool)

Based on the success in social care, POET will now be adapted to ensure that outcomes can be measured across health and social care.

Support planning

Encouraging awareness of good support planning amongst the Department of Health Personal Health Budget pilot sites.

Strategic overview and change management

Supporting the pilot sites in changing the culture for personal budgets.

Links with the Department for Education pathfinder sites

Ensuring the right links are made between health and children's services.

Family leadership

Development of a new 'Partners in Health' programme is being developed based on the highly successful Partners in Policymaking model.


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