Checking the results of personal budgets webinar recording

John Waters held a webinar on 19 January to demonstrate how local authorities and other organisations can evaluate the impact of personal buddgets. A recording of the session is now available to view.

Local authorities and providers need to demonstrate the difference that personal budgets are making to people's lives and to put in place independent processes to check that outcomes are being met.

POET (Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool), developed by In Control and Lancaster University is the most developed and actively used tool for checking the success of personal budgets. Its aim is to provide a national benchmark on the impact that personal budgets are having on people's lives.

Using POET we published the first ever National Personal Budget survey, commissioned by Think Local, Act Personal. This  session focused on the results of the National Personal Budget Survey and what this means for your organisation. It also demonstrated how POET can enable organisations to review their delivery of self-directed support; identify good practice and areas for learning; inform strategic planning and increase local accountability.

Information on the support we can offer to organisations wishing to evaluate the impact of personal budgets can be downloaded below.

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  1. Gravatar of Kären KiddKären Kidd
    posted 25 February 2012 at 23:07:38

    I've been managing my budget for 15mths now in the form of a cash payment,

    I have all the choice and control. Finding the care & services you to have was difficult. Agency care was not for me. I employ a PA. I am doing things in my community instead of being stuck at a day service . I can do my own shopping and decide what I'm having for tea.

    It has given a lot of indenpendance back to me and a feeling and managing my budget and given me some self worth.

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