Changes to social care staff private hire vehicle registration

The move to free social care staff from registering their private cars as minicabs will enable older and disabled people to get out from their homes for the first time in years.

The guidance issued this week by the Department of Transport said most car journeys made in the context of care and support work should not require a private hire vehicle (PHV) licence.  Reporting that social care and support staff should not need a license because they were likely to have already been vetted for their work, had specific qualifications and training which went beyond driving and general customer care.

Chief Executive of Naaps UK, Alex Fox reportedly said its members have been unable to help service users go out and meet friends without going through the expensive and time consuming process of registering cars under the PHV licensing procedure.  He also confirmed that the change will result in many disabled and older people being able to get out of their houses for the first time in years.

Reporting from the English Community Care Association, their external relations manager Maria Patterson said the ECCA had lobbied hard on this issue and was delighted that the Department of Transport had exempted the sector from the onerous licensing process.

Source:                 Community Care

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Last Updated : 05 August 2011. Page Author: Donna Godding.