Celebrate being 'in control' this Christmas and keep the 'feel good' factor going into the New Year

Christmas and New Year are times when people get together and celebrate as a family, or simply take advantage of the seasonal holiday to enjoy time with those they love. However recent campaigns such as 'Winter Friends' highlight just how hard this holiday season can be for some of the most marginalised and isolated people in our society and how much pressure services come under.

It's also a time when many working in the social care or health fields feel overwhelmed rather than joyful. Services come under huge pressure as the numbers of people seeking help increases due to illness, isolation, the effects of cold weather and many other problems that seem far worse at Christmas and over the New Year than any other time of the year. This is all in the midst of ongoing significant constraints on finances and resources.

But it doesn't all have to be doom and gloom.

There may still be many, many challenges that we need to overcome but we are in danger of overlooking and not sharing some of the really good stuff - the stuff that's happening when personalisation works how it should do. Moreover we're in danger of not sharing this so others can learn how and it can and should be done.

So, it's important that we all keep strong and resilient and take some time for a little inspiration and reminder of why we're all doing what we're doing.

That's why we want you to share your good news stories and help us to showcase the work we all do to help people be 'in control' of their lives.

We want to re-focus everyone on the benefits of personalisation and personal budgets in supporting people to live the lives they want to lead especially during the holiday season when it really comes to light just how much people being able to live the lives they want makes a real difference.

Are you 'in control' this Christmas?

Ahead of Christmas we will be publishing a series of blog posts written by guests on our website to highlight stories that showcase what it means to people to be 'in control' this Christmas time and we are calling on you to join in.

The first post has been written by Elaine Cotterill, one of our new trustees and you can read Elaine's thoughts on the difference being 'in control' this Christmas will be making to her and her family here.

We will then promote these Christmas stories through our social media networks using the hashtag #BeInControlXmas.

We want you to join in by sharing our blogs through your networks as well as promoting your own good news and case studies.

Just keep using the hashtag #BeInControlXmas and help us spread the good news this holiday season.

New Year Resolution: 'Feel Good' and 'In Control'

We don't want to stop at Christmas. We want to keep the feel good factor going into the New Year with a weekly round up of good news.

That's why our New Year resolution is to publish and promote good news every Friday.

We want to showcase how being in control - individuals having control over their own support plan and services through a personal budget - helps people feel good.

It's our #FeelGoodInControl campaign.

To get involved all you need to do is email us your good news stories, or promote them and other good news events through your social media networks using the hashtag #FeelGoodInControl.

We will do the same and with everyone getting involved, we should discover a lot to make us all feel good about why people need to be in control.

To contribute to our 'Be in control this Christmas' or 'Feel Good In Control' Campaigns, either use the hashtags #BeInControlXmas and #FeelGoodInControl when you promote your stories or email your stories to

Remember to use the correct hashtag, including capitals:

#BeInControlXmas for all good news ahead of 25th December
#FeelGoodInControl for all good news after 1st January 2014.

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Last Updated : 10 December 2013. Page Author: Laura Bimpson.