Bookings now open for 23rd Children's Programme Residential

'Every Challenge is an opportunity' is the 23rd residential event for the Children's programme and the focus will be on meeting the challenges of implementing personal health budgets including the new Children and Families Act, new Code of Practice and the Education Health and Care Pathway.

The two-day event will take place on the 1-2nd July at Kents Hill Conference Centre in Milton Keynes.

Sessions will include:

  • Winterbourne View and what it will mean for children and young people
  • Supporting children and young people with very individual support needs
  • Family leadership in action
  • Personal budgets and therapies
  • Personal budgetrs and safeguarding
  • Personal budgets and post 16 provision
  • Personal budgets and palliative care
  • Inclusive support, opportunities and the challenge for commissioners
  • Measuring the outcomes using POET
  • Resource allocation and providing families with upfront information
  • Good planning
  • Practical advice, experience and information for managing personal budgets
  • Making it personal - guidance for commissioners, providers and families

Book a place

Members of the Children's Programme are entitled to two places at this event as part of their membership and this can include up to two nights accommodation.

We are also able to offer places to family members at a discounted rate of £275.

Our residential events are often oversubscribed and priority will be given to members and family memvers however we are usually able to offer a small number of places to non members or members wishing to purchase additional places at a cost of £400 plus VAT.

To book a place please email or contact 01564 821 650

Find out more

Visit our Children's Programme pages to find out more about membership.

See our past events for details of previous residentials including copies of presentations.

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