Are you ‘in control’ this Christmas?

Last week we kicked off our Christmas campaign to lift spirits and remind us all of the value of the work we do with a blog by Elaine Cotterill, In Control trustee, who talked about how being 'in control' has made such dramatic difference to her, and her husband's, lives.

You can read her blog by visiting: /blog/elaine-cotterill,-in-control-trustee,-talks-about-what-it-means-to-be-'in-control'-this-christmas.aspx

But we don't want the good news to stop there. We want to share more stories about how personalisation and having a personal budget enables you, or someone you know, to feel in control - be 'in control' - not only for Christmas but every day of the year.

So join us in celebrating being 'in control' this Christmas by sharing your stories using the hashtag #BeInControlXmas or emailing us your stories to

Let's make sure this Christmas is all about personal budgets and how much being 'in control' really does change lives.

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