A bit of positivity goes a long way

In Control has recently been running campaigns to raise awareness of all the good work being done in the field of personalisation to improve people's lives and help more and more people live the life they choose.

Our #BeInControlXmas campaign showcased some amazing stories and we are continuing the good news into the New Year with our #FeelGoodInControl campaign.

But it's not just us that are realising the value of good news stories.

A recent article in The Guardian's Social Care Network by Lucie Heyes, who is a member of the College of Social Work's Professional Assembly, raises the issue that all the negativity we focus on when we are looking at the challenges we face, and particularly in the media, is perpetuating the problems we face in social care.

While very much in agreement that all public services and in particular social services need to be accountable and constantly challenged, she poses the very question our campaign's are trying to change: Why is it so hard to tell positive news?

She goes on to ask some very pertinent questions around the damage that this focus on negative stories is having - from the damage this does to public trust and confidence in social services, to low morale and a possible link to high staff turnover.

She also says that all this negativity can lead to a 'culture of criticism and blame creates anxiety'.

She goes on to point out that if we want to improve the experience of those who need support from social services, 'Good practice cannot thrive in a culture of blame and fear'.

'Positive stories are more difficult to tell in social work than they might be in health and education.'

But this shouldn't stop us from trying to tell the positive stories. We encourage you to share your good news by contributing to our #FeelGoodInControl campaign.

All you need to do is promote good news using the hashtag #FeelGoodInControl and/or email us your good news story to


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