30th April 2014: The day we make the future - together

On the 30th April 2014, In Control will be bringing together up to 250 people from all areas of the health, social care and education sectors, as well as provider organisations, community groups, and people with real 'lived' experiences to share ideas, plan action and build alliances for a future of inclusion and independent living.

Our 10th anniversary has prompted a period of reflection about what has happened over the past decade, we know that many other people and groups are having similar reflections and thinking about the most useful things they can do in the future. This is why we have decided to run Making the Future - Together.

The day will be an opportunity for people to reflect, plan and organise with 250 other people that share similar goals. It is taking place at a time when much has been achieved in inclusion and independent living over the past few decades but also when new challenges and threats present real obstacles to further positive change. It has never been more important to bring people together to take stock, energise and plan together.

The latest delegate to confirm attendance at Making the Future - Together is Ivan Lewis, MP for Bury South. Ivan was instrumental in championing the implementation of personal budgets in his role as Care Services Minister from 2006 to 2008.

Making the Future - Together is not a conference: there will be no long speeches or "expert" workshops. In Control is not suggesting we have the answers. Instead, we want to offer to create some space and time for reflection and action-focused discussion amongst a wide group of people and organisations.  On the day there will be facilitated small group discussions and full-group sharing and planning. Our goal is that, at the end of the day:

  • We will have shared what we have tried and learned - over the years and recently
  • Strong ideas for practical action for driving inclusion, independent living and well-being will have been developed and shared
  • Individuals and groups will have agreed plans for actions they can take
  • Relationships and alliances will have been strengthened and energised
  • We will have developed the beginnings of a joint plan for further actions we can take

What happens after the event will depend on what we decide together on the day. In Control commits at a minimum to keep and share a record of discussions and actions agreed - there will be a report but we will also arrange blogs, film and audio records.

This will be a collaborative event. We think we already have a good idea about what people will want to be covered during the discussions but we also want to hear from those attending about what they think the priority issues are and what particular issues, challenges and solutions they would want the opportunity to discuss with others. We will then design the day around these suggestions.

Making the Future - Together will take place in Manchester. It will be a full day event from 10am until 4pm.

A copy of the event programme can be downloaded below.

If you would like to find out more about this event, please contact

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