'Where next for inclusion? From rhetoric to rights' Event

A jointly funded and supported event by In Control and NDTi bringing together a whole community of people committed to making inclusion a reality for all children and young people. There will be personal stories, headteachers sharing why inclusion means so much to their schools and a chance to think about 'what next'!

Monday 20th June 2016, London

'As part of its commitments under articles 7 and 24 of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the UK Government is committed to inclusive education of disabled children and young people and the progressive removal of barriers to learning and participation in mainstream education. The Children and Families Act 2014 secures the general presumption in law of mainstream education in relation to decisions about where children and young people with SEN should be educated and the Equality Act 2010 provides protection from discrimination for disabled people.' SEND Code of practice (section 1:27)

However, the number of children and young people attending special and alternative education has increased and there is little evidence that this commitment is being implemented.

This event will bring together people who are working to make inclusive education a reality, despite the many challenges.

We will work together to offer responses to the following claims:

  • That including disabled children and young people in mainstream schools doesn't deliver the education they need.
  • That having disabled children and young people in mainstream schools has a negative impact on other children and young people.
  • That inclusive education is not possible without more money.
  • That there is no evidence that inclusion works.

By the end of the event, we will have documented the big areas to be tackled, have an action plan offering solutions, as well as people committed to start making those solutions happen ….so, if you think inclusive education is the only way forward, and are interested in working with people who feel the same, this is the event for you!

The event is aimed at anyone interested in being part of making inclusive education work, including:

  • Children, young people and their families
  • Decision makers in local authorities (education and social care) and the NHS
  • Schools and colleges

The cost per delegate is £85 inc vat. Book your place here:

There are some free places available and we would particularly like to welcome young people and their families. If you would like to request a free place please contact:

For more information, download the main event flyer as well as the programme flyer below.

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