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Mums 'in it together'  - Created : 18 July 2014

Nikki Dalgarno and Tricia Nicoll made a lasting impression with their thought provoking and emotional presentation at the 23rd Children's Residential. Audio and slides from their presentation are now available.

Pass it on planning comes to Staffordshire  - Created : 18 July 2014

We will soon be starting 'Pass it on planning' in Staffordshire to enable whole communities to benefit from good person-centred planning.

Sharing Knowledge in Derby  - Created : 18 July 2014

In Control has just started it's second Sharing Knowledge family leadership course in Derby.

Have you got the balls to build community?  - Created : 17 July 2014

An inspiring blog post from a parent and social worker talking about a workshop run by Caroline Tomlinson on behalf of In Control for Herts CLDS.

Get ready to hear us ROAR  - Created : 17 July 2014

While we're busy working on our Making the Future - Together paper we thought we'd give you a little reminder of the energy and passion on the day.....

POET captures experiences of almost 8,000 people  - Created : 17 July 2014

In Control and Lancaster University's Personal Outcomes Evaluation tool has now captured the experiences of almost 8,000 people since it was developed across adult social care, health, children's services and education.

Independent Living - making hope possible  - Created : 17 July 2014

To coincide with the Disability Rights UK independent living conference, In Control, Disability Rights UK and others have published a review of the Independent Living Strategy authored by Dr Jenny Morris and have put together some ideas on how ...

Embrace the talent, the potential - and the autism  - Created : 17 July 2014

A has supplied this inspirational story about Steven finding work after being unemployed all his adult life.

Meet the Seed Bomb Anarchists  - Created : 17 July 2014

The 'Croft Hill Crew' have kindly provided this short story about spreading a little sunshine - in more ways than one.

Join the raft of organisations getting connected for free  - Created : 17 July 2014

A raft of new organsations have joined In Control's free Stay Connected network to help them keep in touch with the latest developments in personalisation.

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