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Development and use of POET for children and young people with SEND  - Created : 22 March 2015

In Control publishes a report with Lancaster University using the Personal Outcome Evaluation Tool (POET) to measure the impact of education, health and care plans for children and young people with special education needs and disabilities. The re...

149 CCGs and adults and children's services using POET  - Created : 19 December 2014

There are now 149 adult and children's services as well as clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), (CCGs) signed up to measure the impact personal budgets and education, health and care plans are having on people's lives.

ABCD Festival  - Created : 19 December 2014

The ABCD Institute, Coady International Institute, ABCD in Action, ABCD Asia Pacific and Bank of I.D.E.A.S have come together to host the 'ABCD Festival'.

Our highlights from 2014  - Created : 19 December 2014

A young man from Scotland being allocated an individual budget that enabled him to buy an accordion and lessons, which subsequently led to him being offered a place at the Glasgow School of Music, is just one of the team's highlights from 2014.

Third and independent sector 'gears up' for personal health budgets  - Created : 17 December 2014

Thirty one third, community and voluntary sector organisations have been working with NHS Engand and In Control as part of a national development programme on personal health budgets.

Why only 15% of autistic people have paid employment  - Created : 16 December 2014

Read this guest blog post from Richard Lamplough from A Potential Diamond.

Which organisations are staying connected?  - Created : 16 December 2014

There have been a raft of new members of our free Stay Connected network. Information on the latest members just from the past month can be found below:

New events: Integrated Personalised Commissioning -realising person-centred care through volunteering  - Created : 16 December 2014

We are jointly hosting a series of events with CSV to explore how volunteers and volunteer involving organisations can contribute to and help deliver integrated, person centred care, in the context of ambitions of the Integrated Personalised Commi...

In Control sponsors #JusticeforLB social media workshop  - Created : 16 December 2014

As part of the #Justicefor LB campaign, we sponsored a social media workshop facilitated by George Julian and Sara Siobhan.

Removing the barriers - In Control's 25th Children's Programme residential  - Created : 16 December 2014

On the 3rd and 4th March 2014 we will be hosting the 25th residential event from the Children's programme and this time the focus will be on removing the barriers to implementing self-directed support and the SEND reforms.

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